Everything Except a Hook

My jokes are like stumbling into a train station searching to see what platform your network rail is about to take off from. My jokes are like, thank god, I am ten minutes early, I can find a pub and use it's toilets. My jokes are like the trusting nod of the landlord cus he sees you with all them bags and feels your pain. My jokes are like the only cubicle in the mens room, tiny on the outside and no tardis on the inside. My jokes are like when you enter the cubicle and are surprised by the cleanliness but worried about the negligent lock. My jokes are like most toilet cubicles in that it has no key hole for voyeurs who wish to take a look. In fact, my jokes have everything a toilet cubical should have at your bursting, luggage heavy hour... everything except a hook.

by Chima Nsoedo